Use credits to send quotes and get hired.

What are Credits?

We are a pay-per-quote referral system where you buy credits and use them to send quotes to local customers who have submitted a request. You only pay to quote. We do not charge commission and there is no subscription fees.

How do credits work?

Cost to quote is 2 and up - The number of credits it costs to send a quote depends on the customer request and service request. You will see how many credits it cost to quote on the lead details we send you for each request.

Create your quote - Your quote is essentially your introduction to the customer. You decide what to say and you write a personal message addressing the student’s needs. Include your price or request more information. A price is not required. If you do list a price, be professional and clear about what is included for your price.

Buy credits and get hired - After you write your quote and click send, the website will prompt you to purchase your first pack of credits to complete the sending process. We offer a first time buyer discount of 30% on all pack sizes and the size of the pack depends on your service.

Send your quote - Pay for your credits by Card or PayPal and your quote will be sent to the customer.

Once you have credits - Quoting is even easier. Create your quote and click send. You will always be able to view your credit balance and the credits needed to send each quote. 


FAQ about Credits

Why should I buy a package of credits?

We start you with a 10 quote deal – at a 30% discount. After those 10 quotes are sent, you can choose to buy credits a quote at a time or you can choose a package with a discount. The more you buy the more you save.

How much do credits cost?

Each credits is $1.67.

Do my credits expire?

No, credits do not expire. Use your credits at your own pace.

Do I have to send a quote to every request?

No, you are never obligated to send a quote. You can choose to click pass on a customer request if it is not right for you.

What happens when I run out of credits?

Any time you attempt to send a quote with insufficient credits the website will prompt you to get more. You can always buy more credits.


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