Offer your services online


Do you offer your services online?

To provide the best experience possible to your customers that participate in your online services we recommend that you meet the following requirements:

  • A fast and reliable computer: This can be a desktop, laptop or tablet. We don’t recommend doing this with your smartphone. Skype recommends that your computer has at least a 1 Ghz processor and a minimum of 256 MB of Ram for Windows machines and for Mac, at least a 1 Ghz Intel processor (Core 2 duo) and a minimum of 1 GB of Ram. This means your computer should be less than 10 years old.
  • Broadband/high-speed internet: All cable and broadband connections work, just no dial up. If you want the best video chat experience, plug your computer directly into the wall. Test your connection here

  • Video Chat Software: Skype is the most popular video chat software. It's free to install and easy to use (download here). Other platforms include Google Hangouts or FaceTime.

  • Webcam: Choosing an HD camera will give you customers the best experience possible, although its not required. If your computer or tablet was purchased within the last 5 years, your camera is more than good enough.

  • Microphone: Your laptop, tablet, or webcam will most likely have a microphone built in if its less than 5 years old.

Enhance the customer's experience with:

  • Headphones: Many professionals use their computer or tablet's built in speakers, but headphones can enhance the experience and allow you to clearly hear yourself with less interference. 
  • Multiple cameras: Multiple cameras can enhance an online service by giving the student multiple views such as using an overhead-camera position in addition to a side-view or front-view camera.

  • Multi-Camera software that works with Skype. For Windows, try MultiCam (recommended) or ManyCam. For Mac, we recommend ManyCam.

For all professionals, we also recommend the ability to create digital copies of materials that would normally be delivered in paper form (such as practice sheets, music, etc.). This includes having access to a scanner, document editing software, and any other digital tools needed to provide a great experience.

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